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About The Wellness & Beauty Clinic

The Wellness and Beauty clinic in West Hampstead is the culmination of over twenty years of observing and understanding the pros and cons of modern private clinics and the National Health Service. This clinic aims not to look at your aliments and health issues in isolation, but you as individual and as a whole, with a core focus on both internal and external health and well-being.

Our Staff

Stephen Barabas | Medical Director

Dr. Stephen Barabas

I have been in the industry over 20 years now but from a very young age, I have had an interest in combination medicine.

All my family are either doctors, plastic surgeons, or dentists so I come from a very medical background. My Grandfather was head of the Royal College of Surgeons and I really am a product of the NHS and I’m proud of that.

Over the last 10 years I have been involved in K-Laser and from about 2016 I began to get involved in the human side and manual therapy.

It was always a dream to set up a clinic where it was working alongside good clinicians but with the interest of the individual at heart.

It’s about asking the question of ‘what are your problems related to and how can we help you using combo medicine?’

For example, if a patient is suffering from back problems, it is about looking at therapy lasers but with that, also massage and diet.

We also want to be able to offer good consultancy for aesthetics and a consultant that can say no to a patient and tell them they are beautiful as they are – they might need some manual therapy for this too which we can offer.

Our aim is to look at the individual with combination and holistic therapies and from there, doing our best for them.

In our clinic, downstairs we will offer dermatology and psychology from the best of the best. We also have an amazing Ukrainian doctor who fled the country and has a degree and is an expert in the beauty industry.

Upstairs, we have three manual therapists and two sports therapists – one of which specialises in the aged population and in keeping them active.

Then, working between the floors we have an ex NHS dietician who is an expert in dealing with diabetes and also things like ingrown toenails etc.

We really do have the best and most experienced staff all under one roof.

Polina aesthetics

Beauty Therapist

Dr. Polina Vasitskaya

Polina is a beauty therapist with a background in medical studies.  

She can work in three different techniques for laser hair removal as well as IPL therapy and derma rolling.

Through the past years, she have also gained knowledge in laser medicine for rejuvenation and treatment of skin diseases, mesotherapy, skin boosting injections, fillers and botox.

She can solve many aesthetic problems with the help of a blue laser such as onchomycosis, resurfacing, cosmetic blepharoplasty, wound healing and so on.

A field that has been a key interest and inspiration in my career has been the beauty industry. The beauty industry inspires her because she can help people look beautiful and also more healthier than they already are.

Humera Faisal  the wellness and beauty clinic - aesthetic clinic- laser clinic london

Dermatological Aesthetic Doctor

Dr. Humera Faisal
Dr. Faisal boasts an illustrious career spanning over two decades in the medical profession. She holds a post- graduate degree in dermatology from Queen Mary University, London. She specialised in aesthetic medicine and has achieved her expertise through rigorous training , with a particular focus on dermatology. She takes pride in her work, striving latest techniques in regenerative medicine while maintaining the steadfast commitment to safety and efficacy. 
 Whether the objective is to enhance skin health, restore lost volume, stimulate collagen production, or diminish wrinkles, Dr. Faisal meticulously crafts bespoke treatment plans tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual. With Dr. Faisal, patients can trust in her expertise and personalized approach to achieve their aesthetic goals with confidence and assurance.
Dr Francesca Fanari the wellness and beauty clinic - aesthetic clinic- laser clinic london

Aesthetic Clinical Doctor

Dr. Francesca Fanari

Dr. Francesca Fanari provides bespoke skin treatments to patients, including Botox, dermal fillers, and skin boosters, resulting in great patient satisfaction rates.

She performs comprehensive skin assessments and developing personalized
treatment plans based on individual patient needs. Dr. Fanari is committed to delivering optimal aesthetic outcomes, while also
providing realistic expectations about the results of our treatments.

She enhances her knowledge of aesthetic-therapies with an in-depth
knowledge of facial anatomy and the ageing process of the face which
gives Dr Fanari the necessary medical skills to provide informed advice and
administer treatments safely while producing results that are natural

Fisayo smith

Advanced Specialist Podiatrist

Fisayo Smith

I graduated with a BSc Honours degree in Podiatric Medicine in 2015. I am registered with The Health and Care Professions Council and a member of The Royal College of Podiatry. I have extensive experience in the NHS and private sector treating a wide range of foot and ankle conditions including wound care, nail surgery, laser therapy and musculoskeletal conditions.

Experience in NHS and Private Healthcare:
– Senior podiatrist managing high risk foot complications and long-term conditions.
– Supported delivery of a new acute podiatry unit in the hospital as part of a service redesign.
– Participated in audit activities and development of outcomes for service improvement.
– Supervisory role of junior members of staff, assistants and students.
o Involved in research and development including possible new alternative ways of working.
– Worked with primary and community MDT teams for successful treatment outcome.

Has previously worked as a Clinical Audit Project and NICE compliance lead supporting the implementation of all clinical audit programmes and the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) regulatory guidelines in thirty-seven clinical specialties.

Chantelle Bader the wellness and beauty clinic - aesthetic clinic- laser clinic london

Clinical Podiatrist

Chantelle Owusu Agyeman

Chantelle is a part-time podiatrist who has worked in various settings such as NHS and the private sector.  This has allowed her to gain a vast amount of experience in various podiatric treatments such as nail surgery, routine care, high-risk, and verrucae. 

She also has a keen interest in foot pain, laser treatments and attends CPD courses to improve her knowledge on  new techniques and treatments to suit patients needs . 

Areas of Expertise
– General Podiatry
– Vascular Podiatry (venous and diabetic ulcers)

Experience in NHS and Private Healthcare
– Nail surgery
– Routine Podiatry
– Laser Podiatric treatments
– Nail Reconstruction
– MSK and Pain Management
– Foot mobilisation
– Band 6 podiatric role in NHS Trust

the wellness and beauty clinic - aesthetic clinic- laser clinic london

Advanced Osteopath

Patrick Morgan

Patrick is a talented healthcare professional with a treasure trove of experience. Registered as an Osteopath since 2009 he has worked in the private, public health and social care sectors. He has worked internationally including running volunteer medical camps in Africa. And creating healthcare clinic business plans in Doha, Qatar. Patrick has an eclectic and intuitive therapeutic approach which, can be individualized to help you reach your health and lifestyle goals. Ultimately, Patrick works with his patients to create the best environment for the body to heal itself become more stress resilient and enjoy pain-free motion.

Bader Ben the wellness and beauty clinic - aesthetic clinic- laser clinic london

Sports Therapist

Bader Ben Hirsi

Ben is an experienced and highly motivated therapist and rehabilitator focused on helping people lead active lives through healthy ageing. His aim is to guide you along your fitness journey and the demands of everyday living by assisting with any pain management, injury prevention, and rehabilitation. Qualifications include MSc Sports Therapy (Level 7), Sports Massage Therapy (Level 4), Exercise Referral Instruction (Level 3) – for those with chronic illness (including high blood pressure, asthma, diabetes, arthritis, obesity, COPD, HIV+, rheumatism) – Personal Trainer (Level 3) and Reflexologist (Level 3). Ben believes in thorough assessments to pinpoint any issues that may be stopping you from leading a healthy pain-free active life with treatments including various massage and manual therapy techniques such as mobilisation and assisted stretching. Clients have dubbed Ben ‘The Genie’ for his magic touch and ability to pinpoint and target the cause of any musculoskeletal ailments. He’s a great motivator too!
When not with us, Ben is an award-winning writer-director, a fencing coach, and a volunteer at many health-based charities including with The Royal Free Hospital, University College Hospital and the YMCA.

the wellness and beauty clinic - aesthetic clinic- laser clinic london

Sports Massage Therapist

Timothy Blackstone

Timothy is a level 4 sports massage therapist. He is passionate about
working to perform high level musculoskeletal therapies. His training in
sports massage therapy involves the adaptation of relevant aspects of
functional anatomy, physiology, and the ability to recognise common sports
Practical training involves my ability to learn skills and techniques that
enable me to plan, prepare, and apply sports massage therapy to prevent
injury and improve performance.
Timothy has also a Level 5 Nutritional Therapy Level 5 training. He can
help advise you on your diet and supplementation to improve your health
and well-being.

The Wellness & Beauty Clinic – Our Commitment To Your Health!


  • At the Wellness & Beauty Clinic, we offer an Initial full consultation prior to any procedure to ensure we full understand your needs and we fully diagnose all aspects of your health and well-being requirements in advance.
  • Bespoke course of treatments and use of individual clinician’s expertise to best achieve your goals and end results.
  • Ensure you understand all aspects of the health care journey and key aspects of what we can offer you for your personal needs.
  • Utilisation of expert clinician knowledge and therapies combined with global leading medical devices and new treatment modalities to get the desired health and well-being results for you.

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